The My Way Workout

Fed up with complicated intervals, unreachable wattage targets and boring hill repeats?  Try the My Way Workout.

Frank Sinatra performed into his eighties while enjoying the late night company of mixed drinks, unfiltered camel cigarettes and the most beautiful women in the world.  How did he do it?  He did it My Way.

Sinatra - oldSid Viscious

Sid Vicious maintained a Grand Tour physique on a diet of fish & chips, lager and heroin.  How did he do it?  He did it My Way.

The My Way Workout is simple.  Load a two song playlist on your music device and set it on repeat.  The two songs are the Sex Pistols’s punk rock cover of “My Way” (2:57), followed by Sinatra’s iconic anthem (4:37).  Go as hard as you can during the Sex Pistols and recover on Sinatra.  Here’s a link to the two-song playlist on Spotify.

Here’s an example of the My Way Workout, on Strava.

I like to do this workout on a five-minute hill, starting at the bottom with Sex Pistols then timing my recovery and descents so that I’m always climbing during the efforts. Of course the My Way Workout works equally well for runners, rowers, swimmers, nordic skiers and other endurance athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions about the My Way Workout

  • I really like the song “Anarchy in the U.K.”  Can I use it instead of “My Way” for my efforts? 
    No, that would be doing it your way.  This workout has to be done My Way.
  • My coach prescribes two sets of 4×3 minute intervals at 120% of FTP with five minutes rest between each effort.  The durations are similar to the My Way Workout.  Can I just do that workout instead?  
    Obviously, no. That would be doing it your coach’s way.  This workout is done My Way.
  • How about My Way by Limp Bizkit? Could I …
    I’m going to stop you right there.
  • You’re using the shorter version of the Sex Pistols’s My Way, without the slow introduction.  Could I use the longer version? 
    Um, sure, I guess that would be My Way.
  • Will the My Way Workout make me faster?  
    I dunno. Probably
  • How does the My Way Workout work? 
    The My Way Workout is based on the scientific principle of training, which means practicing something really hard to get better at it. Studies have shown that athletes that engage in training perform better than untrained athletes.

Join me in trying the My Way Workout.  Spread the word, tag your rides with the My Way name on Strava or with the #mywayworkout hashtag, and let me know how the My Way Workout is changing your life.

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