Raise the Torch


I suggest that we adopt the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of patriotic support for a free, open, diverse country. For the next few years, and possibly beyond, Americans are going to need a symbol of dissent and opposition to bigotry, sexism, racism and nativism, a symbol that’s not attached to any one person, campaign, or political party.

The Statue of Liberty is great for this purpose.  It’s instantly recognizable, clearly patriotic, uniquely American, and easy to draw, remix, and customize.  The statue’s message of inclusion, particularly toward immigrants, is difficult for the opposition to co-opt.

I just ordered a bunch of stickers and pins using the image below, which is simple clipart in the public domain.  I’ll be giving them away to people who support a free society.  Feel free to use the image or any other Statue of Liberty related image and order your own stock.  I used uprinting.com for the stickers and pinmart.com for the pins.

This idea works a lot better if you join me.  #raisethetorch



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