Old La Honda QOM CHALLENGE – NEW Deadline, new time to beat: 16:26

UPDATE: This challenge was designed to comply with the rules in place in San Mateo County at the time. Since then, California has announced a statewide shelter-in-place order that may prohibit or further limit outdoor cycling. Details on this order are not yet clear. We’re therefore postponing the deadline for this contest to December 31, 2020. Riders are welcome to make efforts at any time if allowed by law, but we don’t want to encourage unnecessary travel during shelter-in-place restrictions.

$5,000 prize to whomever holds the fastest verifiable time by a female cyclist on Old La Honda on April 15, December 31, 2020.

We’re offering a prize of $5,000 to whomever rides the fastest time on Old La Honda. The current best time verifiable time was set in a competition pre-Strava, 16:26. We will use the Old La Honda (Bridge to Mailboxes) segment on Strava as the start and end points.

Each effort must be reasonably verifiable – that is, the rider should be able to demonstrate a track record of high level performances, and the GPS file may be scrutinized for tampering. No e-bikes or drafting behind motorized pacers allowed. Gender qualifications will follow USA Cycling’s guidelines. We reserve the right to make the award in my sole discretion. Ties on Strava will be split evenly.

Go get ’em, good luck.

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