Strava and Coronavirus

Strava Activities Were 48% above Trend in April 2020
I did some quick Strava data mining and it looks like the number of activities posted on Strava in April 2020 was unusually high, up about 48% compared to their growth and seasonal trends. To do this I looked at the number in the URL of my activity on April 1, 2020 and April 30, 2020, a rough measure of the monthly activity count. It looks like Strava had about 133 million activities posted globally in April 2020. That’s up from 74 million activities posted in April 2019, an increase of 80% – but Strava’s been growing annually so to adjust for its underlying growth I compared January 2020 to January 2019 and found that before Coronavirus spread worldwide, Strava was growing about 32% year on year and you’d have expected April 2020 to be 97 million activities, without the effect of Coronavirus.

Note that this doesn’t take into account any analysis of activity duration – I suspect that there was a global shift from non-Strava-friendly activities like going to the gym to Strava stuff like going for a run, and the Strava integration of Peloton and Zwift helped too. One could do some really interesting data sampling to dig more deeply into Coronavirus and Strava by randomly selecting activity numbers for the month of April 2020 and comparing it to April 2019.

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